Kate's Homemade Butter Sea Salted - 4 CT

4 quarters. Churned fresh daily (the old fashioned way). 4 Quarters. From cows not treated with artificial growth hormones (FDA states: No significant difference in milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormones). First Place 2006 - World Dairy Expo Salted Butter. Kate's Homemade Butter is made fresh daily by the Patry family in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Our butter is made from fresh cream that is gathered from farms that do not treat their cows with artificial growth hormones. The cream is then carefully churned in small batches into butter the same way we have made it for over 25 years. Kate is 100% natural. We do not use artificial ingredients, dyes or preservatives, so all you taste is the creamy natural flavor of real butter. We promise to keep it that way! Whether you're enjoying a morning muffin, baking a family favorite, or serving garden-fresh vegetables, you'll savor the delicious taste of Kate's Homemade Butter in every bite. Thank you for choosing Kate's Homemade Butter. Enjoy! - The Patry Family. Kate's Homemade butter is all natural and churned fresh daily. No preservatives. No artificial coloring. No artificial flavoring. Only the wholesome goodness of fresh pasteurized sweet cream. Made in Maine.