Rana Gnocchi Potato

Rana™ Potato Gnocchi. Giovanni Rana. Italy's Most Loved™*. Master pasta maker Verona, Italia. Over 50 years. Gnocchi-DI patate. Imported from Italy. Cooks in 2-3 min. Net wt 17.6 oz (500g). My story: I am Giovanni Rana, born near Verona, Italy, and passionate about making pasta for over 50 years. The finest ingredients make my pasta the #1 refrigerated pasta in Italy. My pasta is made using traditional Italian recipes, like my grandmother's. My gnocchi recipe is a special one, as it reminds me of the comforts of childhood. It is a dish that is loved all over Italy. I am pleased to cross the ocean to America, sharing my passion with you. Buon appetito a tutti! Basil pesto. Alfredo sauce. Bolognese sauce. Marinara sauce. Enjoy our other products: Thin pasta filled with premium ingredients! Ravioli artichoke. Ravioli caprese duet. Ravioli cheese " Delicate". Ravioli chicken rosemary. Ravioli Mushroom. Ravioli spinaci e Ricotta. Tortellini Cheese "Delicato". Tortelloni cheese "Delicato". Tortelloni Prosciutto. Delicious pastas imported from Italy! Fettuccine. Oven ready lasagne sheets. Spaghetti. Tagliatelle. For more information or to contact us call 888-326-2721 or go to www.giovannirana.com. All trademarks are owned by pastifico Rana S.P.A. and its subsidiaries and its subsidiaries.