Lees Blue Lobster Cafe

We’re just about the first folks you see when you walk into Lees Market … a place where people love to start their day, come in for lunch, take a break, and just hang out and chat. It’s fun and it’s happening, so why not work us into your day? Whether you’re stopping in for a quick coffee, hanging out to chat about the day’s events, or enjoying a full cafe meal while using our Wi-Fi on your laptop, The Blue Lobster Café staff is waiting for you. We love our personal interaction with everyone who comes in to visit. Gabbing with our many regulars, getting to know new faces, and finding out what goodies interest you are what keep us going! You’ll see plenty of smiling faces and teamwork behind our counter. We’re pretty darn approachable, so don’t be shy about telling us how we’re doing and what we can do to make your visit special. The very best ideas come from our customers. Our menu’s littered with items from people saying, “You oughta try this!” Whether it’s your morning coffee, espresso, cappuccino or your afternoon sandwich, we’ll make sure it’s exactly the way you want it when you want it.