That lovely fragrance as you walk in the store? That’s the scent of our Floral Department’s beautiful and lovingly cared-for plants and fresh-cut flowers. Come explore the natural beauty that we capture in our floral selection here at Lees. We invite you to come and lose yourself in it all for a while!

Whether you’re brightening up a room for the holidays, coloring a romantic evening with a bouquet, or choosing a plant to live with you for the long haul, we have something for you!

Everything is personally selected; we will only get the best product we can find. What is the most beautiful? What will last the longest? What has been the best cared for before coming to us?

When you give someone flowers, you want that personal touch that shows you know them. We’re lucky to be able to get to know our customers very well, the better to supply that personalized attention to detail.

We love fulfilling special orders and creating unique, hand-selected arrangements, where we really get to let our creativity shine! We have a special knack for color and arrangement. You’ll never find our designs stuffed with filler! They’ll be bursting with color and beauty.