Everyone wants a deal, of course. We’re especially proud that, thanks to diligent research and creative thinking, we’ve been very successful offering everyday grocery items at competitive prices. But it’s more than just price … it’s the value equation. Unmatched selection, a clean, friendly and safe store full of people who truly care about you is what value means to us. Try finding that at any of our competitors.

But there’s more than that. For Lees Market, it’s the total shopping experience that really counts, and is the motivation behind everything that we do. From keeping our shelves full, organized, and looking nice to watching the weather so our stock reflects the surprises life throws at us, we’re thinking ahead to make your time here easy and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a particular item, we’ll walk you to it and make sure you get what you need. If there’s an item you can’t find, we’ll go the extra mile to get it quickly.