“Why not make every homemade meal special?” That philosophy makes us want to contribute to your entire food experience. Your meal is important to us. It’s something that is central to your everyday interaction between family and friends. It matters to us that you know exactly what we can do for you, and that you get exactly what you want.

All our cuts are done by hand on site, and meat is ground each day. Nothing comes to us pre-cut or processed, nor do we resort to bleaching products in order to keep them on display longer. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting: the highest quality and safety standards, and up-front information. Transparency is our game. The care and experience that goes into every cut ensures that each piece is ready for presentation right out of the package, with no further work on your part. Any cut you want, and any quantity.

We aim to carry on learning traditions of how to best prepare every variety of and cut of meat. We’ll make sure you know what to get, what to serve it with, and have fun with it. We’re honored that so many customers trust their meals to us, whether for an average night at home or for a landmark event. We strive every day to maintain that trust and exceed expectations.

In addition to our outstanding selection of fresh meat options, we also carry an assortment of fresh seafood. Our relationships with local suppliers means that we only stock the freshest catch. If you're craving a fresh salmon steak for the grill, some succulent sea scallops, or a delicate cut of cod— we have you covered!

Grass Fed Local Beef